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No business is the same. Companies operate differently according to their varying targets and long-term vision. CellVision Technologies Limited is fully aware of this and this is where flexibility becomes the rule of the game.

Due to our smart and varied list of services that can be specifically tailored to fit your month-to-month cash flow requirements, leasing or renting terms are flexible and can be adjusted accordingly. We also offer a Replacement Policy with all leased and rented computers and most other equipment so that in the unlikely event that you experience a hardware problem, the defective equipment will be replaced as quickly as possible.

CellVision Technologies Limited has gradually built it’s value proposition on the capability of offering flexible arrangements that deliver tailor-made IT platforms that fit in any business’ operational model.

Our value proposition finds its roots in the fact that for any business, a second IT platform with the latest technology is one of the most essential aspects of any business. A lot of companies would try and sell you the hardware, but at CellVision Technologies Limited we try to sell the service.Smart Technologies Ltd. has evolved into becoming a leading IT service provider on the Maltese market.

The beauty in the service offered by CellVision Technologies Limited lies in the fact that each IT package is worked distinctively around the client’s requirements and business objectives, a commitment that has been a core value since the company’s establishment, and a factor that has determined its competitive edge.

“With us, you will have a single source for purchasing and financing equipment and IT sourcing. We also offer the flexibility to create programmes specifically tailored to your needs” – Joe Aquilina, CEO to CellVision Technologies Limited.

We deliver solutions to help maximise your company’s potential. That’s how smart we are.

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