CellVision Apparels Limited

The build quality for Apparels comes from chosen materials, fabrics and the very thread that binds all of it together. At RAL, we never compromise quality over production volume.

We have a very strong Manufacturing/Supplier base and are Quality and Environment cautious organization having state of the art compliant factories equipped with the most modern machinery, capable of producing any Style/Quantity in a shorter lead-time.

Our workforce comprises of experienced and highly skilled individuals working on a factory. Constant monitoring all through production takes place through our Quality Control department.

A product is only as good as its details. Such levels of inspection only comes from experience, where one has to go beyond machinery, specification and visualization to match products to perfection. RAL is built with experienced and dedicated group of management and quality control teams to ensure that perfections remains in every bits of detail.

Almost all our quality improvement comes via our use of technology and high end machinery for manufacturing, layout, processing, and procedures.